Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogs United Gets Some Press

The Daily Press covered the event. Kudos to Phriendly Jaime for getting quoted. I honestly wish I could have been there, but previously planned events kept me from attending.

However, the DWJ crowd kept me informed, lots of interesting events occurred this weekend. I will be there next year. Hopefully, I can get on one of these panels and throw in my two then, I should be better established in the blogosphere.

If not, I'll just show up, drink, and be merry. I just hope this event continues to be "united" and bipartisan in it's efforts. Otherwise, we're just exacerbating the Red/Blue divide.


Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of name is Petrasek?

Jim Hoeft said...

Be careful what you wish for. What panel do you want to be on?

Phil Chroniger said...

Anonymous - Ask Jaime.

Jim - Hell, that depends on what the issues are a year from now. If ethics and civility are still an issue, I'd be more than happy to be on any panels addressing those issues...

I'd like to think I keep things relatively civil and ethical around here.