Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thompson Taking Over The Top Spot On Several Polls

However, the races are really, really close with Rudy Guiliani. I must say, though, I have no problem with either candidate, really. Before Fred Thompson caught my attention, I was a Rudy supporter, and I still think he is a fine candidate, as well.

Rasmussen Reports - Thompson 26%, Guiliani 21%
Harris Poll - Thompson 29%, Guiliani 28%
Zogby International - Thompson 22%, Guiliani 21%

Real Clear Politics, which averages out the national polls, has Guiliani holding an aggregate lead of 5 points (25%-20%) over Thompson. However, Guiliani's numbers are buoyed by some unusually large leads over Thompson (which also, coincidentally, have the highest numbers of support for John McCain).

The GOP primary is definitely shaping up to be a 2-horse race at the top, but it's still too early to make any definite projections at this time.

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