Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rasmussen Reports: Fred Thompson - Most Conservative

This was a quiet little tidbit from a June 29th poll conclusion at Rasmussen Reports, but it does speak volumes about how the candidates are viewed. Let me run down the poll results for you...keep in mind, the poll only considered the top 5 candidates at this time. This is why candidates like Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter are not on this list.

- Overall, Fred Thompson was viewed as a conservative by 44% of those polled, 21% considered him a moderate, and 6% think he's a liberal. Among Republicans, 49% see Thompson as a conservative. Thompson's numbers are up from last month's poll of ideological identification (in which 37% of all voters and 42% of GOPers considered Thompson a conservative). Of all voters, 29% say they don't know enough to form an opinion just yet.

- Mike Huckabee was the only other GOP candidate to see an increase in their apparent conservatism amongst the public. 25% of all voters (and 29% of Republicans) see Huckabee as a conservative, 18% consider him a moderate, 8% say he's a liberal. However, the "we don't know enough about him" number was 39%. Recent criticism about the validity of Huckabee's claims to be a fiscal conservative may have a negative effect on how he is viewed, though.

- Mitt Romney was viewed by 41% of voters (40% of Republicans) as a conservative. 27% say he's a moderate, 6% consider him a liberal. What's interesting is that Romney is now to the right of all but one of the other front-runners.

- John McCain saw his conservative image torn apart by the immigration bill, and it showed in this poll. McCain is seen as a conservative by 38% of voters, but only 31% of Republicans polled...which is down a whopping 10 points from last month. 38% of voters consider McCain a moderate, 10% consider him a liberal.

- Finally, Rudy Guiliani is seen by 23% of all voters (and only 20% of Republicans) as a conservative. This is no surprise, as Rudy has never really been a "conservative" candidate and never pretended to be one. 54% of voters (including 64% of GOPers) view Guiliani as a moderate (no surprise there, either). 11% of all those polled consider him a liberal (which is higher than the Republican-only opinion, where only 9% considered Rudy a liberal).

All in all, some interesting poll numbers. However, with the GOP looking for the more conservative candidate...it seems that out of the front-runners, Fred is the man the conservative base of the Republican Party is looking for.


cumberland said...

I use to have compassion for individuals who were "brainwashed" by the likes of "Rudi McRomney" and cousin "Freddie" Plus Dem Relatives "Obama" and "Hillary" (all of them CFR Globalist?)... However, now I can only feel sorry for them..

Leadership is Action Through *Example Not Position...

(It is not a position of power nor being in the right place at the right time, neither define leadership).

It is defined by setting the example through taking action on such Leadership Traits as Truthfulness! Honesty! Fidelity!

Ron Paul Has Acted Admirably On All These Leadership Traits:

“Truthfulness” first and foremost… Then: Principle, Integrity, Honesty,* Fidelity (to their oaths), Honor, Virtue, Compassion, Courage, Vision, Wisdom and Faith.


Phil Chroniger said...

First of all, I'm glad Ron Paul is in the race. He sheds a light on the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Even Ronald Reagan knew that libertarians were important in helping with the conservative cause.

Secondly, I'm glad you believe so strongly in your preferred candidate...but we will have agree to disagree.

To me, Thompson has been truthful, honest, and has no problems with fidelity...

But Ron Paul represents a vocal minority of the Republican Party. The majority base of the party is conservative, not libertarian.

I agree with libertarians on many issues...but Ron Paul is a different kind of libertarian. One of my best friends is a staunch libertarian, but is choosing Thompson over Paul because he believes Paul is wrong on the Iraq War, and other issues that are important to him.

That's like getting a militant communist to represent the Democrats...yeah, they're part of the party, but they represent a section of a section of the party, and (hopefully) not the party as a whole.

Where has Ron Paul been a "leader" in anything? Other than representing the libertarian wing of the GOP, which has not had a real "mouthpiece" before Paul.

So sorry, Thompson won me over with his political beliefs and ability to ...because they are more in line with mine, simple as that. That's not brainwashing, that's understanding of one's self and their beliefs. Just like you apparently have enough of an understanding of your own beliefs to support Ron Paul.

And to insinuate that I've been "brainwashed" is a bit insulting.

Rick Fisk said...

Fred Thompson is no conservative.