Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FitzSimmonds Calls Out Colgan Over Abuser Fee Flip-Flopping

It's nice to see a Democrat who has flip-flopped on these Abuser Fees get smacked with the facts by their Republican challenger. Why? Well, because the Democratic bloggers and candidates who called for a repeal of the fees started calling Republicans "flip-floppers" when a few of them changed their opinion in reaction to the public backlash against the fees.

What goes around...comes around. Colgan had already squandered his incumbency advantage and made this race a toss-up in the eyes of many pundits (except NLS), this may very well put FitzSimmonds over the top.

Read about it at The New Dominion.

UPDATE...Bearing Drift shows that, when you get down to the votes, Democrats (and not just Tim Kaine, either) supported limiting the Abuser Fees to Virginia residents only.


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