Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Definition of "Dumb"

15 anti-Bush protesters rallied in favor of impeachment of the front of the Richmond Times-Dispatch offices...?

This makes no sense. Why would you protest outside of the Times Dispatch? What do they have to do with Bush? I mean, you could at least protest outside of the Capitol in Richmond...that I could possibly see as making sense. This is just plain "dumb", or "nuts", or both. There's only 15 of you! First of all, that's a pretty embarrassingly small amount...why not just make the drive to D.C. and protest there???

The left's crazy antics know no bounds.


NotAEDickHoward said...

They succeeded in getting their story printed (and you to blog it) so it wasn't that dumb. No one would have noticed if they'd gone to DC.

Phil Chroniger said...

Point taken...but only 15? Now, if they managed to get 50...different story.