Friday, November 9, 2007

The Libertarian in Me Coming Out

I love these people who get outraged due to the presence of an adult-themed store in their area.

Honestly..."Citizens Against Porn"...? I understand why SWACGirl and others were looking to place restrictions on the ability of adult-themed stores to be built in their community. However, I get the feeling that they would prefer that these businesses be banned outright.

This is where I split heavily with social conservatives. I can understand keeping an adult-themed store a certain distance away from schools, churches, and will find their own way to get pornography, we shouldn't make it easier or more enticing.

BUT, it's still a legitimate business. I don't see anything wrong with their existence. Many married couples use pornography to spice up their sex lives, too. Most of these businesses are discreet in their appearance (a good example of this would be either Pamela's Secrets or Hole In The Wall in Harrisonburg, you'd have to look two or three times to recognize what it is).

As I said, there's nothing wrong with keeping these businesses, and their adult themes, away from schools, churches, etc..., but to carry the opinion that they should all be banned and burned to the ground is a bit overboard.


Anonymous said...

And let us have glory holes! Prudes!

Phil Chroniger said...