Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh Yeah, One More Thing

I took another one of those surveys to "find your candidate", courtesy of Below The Beltway. Here's my results from this quiz, which you can take at USA Today online.

1) Fred Thompson (no surprise here, the quiz shows my biggest agreements with him are on taxation, immigration, and global warming)

2) Rudy Guiliani (again, no surprise, he's my no. 2 pick anyway...mostly due to a shared view on taxes)

3) Ron Paul (I have moderate agreements with Ron Paul on most issues, but he takes things one step further than I would at this point...still, no surprise. Biggest agreement was on same-sex marriage and immigration)

Well, at least this quiz is pretty accurate, in my opinion. I don't know if I totally agree with Ron Paul at no. 3, but this is based on relation to the candidates on the for thought and a fun little quiz, nonetheless.

Here's an interesting note...if you take up all of the answers of survey-takers combined...the top 3 are as follows. 1) Mitt Romney, 2) Dennis Kucinich, 3) Barack Obama.

How in the hell did Kucinich get up there???????

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