Monday, December 28, 2009

Baucus Drunk on Senate Floor?

Apparently, the Senator who once tried to appoint his mistress to high places may have been drunk on the Senate floor while debating health care, and ended up shouting down Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi. Baucus shouting down Republicans is nothing new, but the slurring going on here is very noticeable.

I must admit, he's pretty coherent despite his slurring. This leads me to believe that either he was not drunk, or he must be a serial or dependent alcoholic (i.e., needs alcohol to function) to be that clear while speaking for that long.

Embattled ex-Congressman Mark Foley made the statement "This is the senator that hired his staffer and then took her on trips...and divorced his wife....and they had me run out of town." (h/t Politico Click)

While Foley did deserve to be run out of town, so does Baucus at this point, plain and simple.

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