Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Israel About To Go It Alone?

Apparently, Israel has pulled all of their diplomats from foreign nations, and making them attend a conference with Israeli leaders. Apparently, Israel's top nuclear officials will be in attendance, as well. The conference is currently going on, but nobody knows the true meaning of this.

One can only guess what they could be discussing that required all of their foreign diplomats and top nuclear officials. I imagine they may be discussing this or this with these guys. I believe that things are about to get a little dicey in the Middle East.

(h/t Smash Mouth Politics)


Larry said...

Of course they will have to go it alone... Atleast without the US. We have a 2 front war...(wait isn't that one of hitler flawed moves). The again Isreal will get a verbal lashing from the head of a certain country, who has radical ties and lack in testicular fortitude...Ron Mexico

Gill Robb said...

The Zionist-Socialist regime of Israel is entirely a puppet government of the United States.

There is no such thing as, "Israel acting alone."

If Israel attacks anyone, they put America at risk for any reprisals.

Americans need to lose that fantasy that Israel is the "holy land" from their Bible studies, and is really just a socialist police state that serves as an agent of the USA in the Middle East.

The sooner the US cuts ties with that puppet regime, the better.

Phil Chroniger said...

If Israel were a "puppet regime", they wouldn't be so angry with recent Presidents "holding them back" (in their eyes)...they would simply go along with the program. They have not been happy with the U.S.'s attempts to make concessions to the Palestinians.

In fact, there are those who believe we are the puppet for Israel, though I don't buy into that, either.

Ron Mexico said...

Are you retared?

Isreal is such a puppet state. It is basically US Jr. They may show they don't like what we do but if we smack them on the nose and say "No" the will not do anything. I relate them to my dogs whe the alpha dog is there to back it up it acts all big. By itself it is a whimp

As a "non beliver" I wonder if we blow up iseral and it was a completly covered by the ocean. Would there still be a war of the water front property? or would the holy land magically shift to avoid the bombing?

Phil Chroniger said...

I don't know...I'm starting to believe that Israel is pretty much ready to tell the U.S. to screw itself and bomb everyone in the Middle East back to times before Mohammed.

I think that they do not trust that Barry in D.C. has their back no matter what they do.

Then again, they always pull back from the brink of doing exactly that whenever we have asked them to do so in the past...but given their negative view of our current President (much more negative than their view of past Presidents, including Bush 43), they may just say "to hell with it" and start lobbing bombs and missiles.

Ron Mexico said...


They won't do crap...Not unless some else attack first.

If they thumb there nose at the US they will be on there own versus every Muslim county that wants to play in that sand box. I can't imagine that leader would be that stupid...then again taking a look at the US politcal system