Friday, January 1, 2010

Reason's Best and Worst of the 2000's

There were some good and bad, but the video clip in the article sums it up well.

Worst. Political Decade. Ever.

Managing Editor Jesse Walker's "Best" and Worst" of the 2000's probably hits the nail on the head harder than anything else.

"Worst: The Permanent Crisis. The best thing about the '90s was that they fell between the Cold War and the War on Terror, with no grand themes to empower and enable the political class—or, at least, no themes grander than school uniforms and Marilyn Manson records. The result was the most individualist decade since the last inter-crisis period, the 1920s. Then the Aughts gave us a new existential military threat and a new economic crisis, allowing Washington to enter a permanent stampede mode.

Best: Mash-ups. There was a time when you had rely on hip friends with collections of samizdat cassettes if you wanted to hear a weird, funny remix of, say, Ronald Reagan talking about a can of meat. Now you can't go a day without YouTube overflowing with new homebrewed cut-ups of anything notable a politician, newscaster, or other celebrity did on camera in the last 24 hours. As the government keeps accruing power, we can at least enjoy the consolation prize of holding new tools for mocking the bastards as they screw us."

Damn right!

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