Monday, December 28, 2009

Searching for a Candidate to Endorse in the VA-5 GOP Primary

It's a crowded field to earn the right to challenge Tom Periello in November, 2010. After reviewing the viewpoints of all 7 candidates, I'm still stuck.

I have narrowed the field of 7 down to 3...Ron Ferrin, Jim McKelvey, and Michael McPadden. All 3 seem to be committed to a constitutional approach. Ferrin and McPadden have pro-life stances, though McPadden's stance is to make abortion law something that the public votes on (much like in Europe). McKelvey hasn't mentioned any "social" issues, and both Ferrin and McPadden don't go beyond the abortion argument on social issues.

I believe that all 3 of these candidates would be very good at standing by limited government principles as well as stand for pro-liberty ideals (compared to the other candidates).

Now, if someone can make a convincing case for one of these three (or one of the other 4), I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a bit stuck right now.

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Anonymous said...

Mike McPadden was at the Charlotte County Republican party meeting and made some good points like we need to stop the growth of government alot of people talk about slowing it when it needs to be stopped from growing.Mike also made a great point about cutting the government run programs that are not working. He is a true conservative and in my opinion is the person we need.