Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama Catching Hell Over Terror Plot Response

Looks like "Barry from D.C." has some criticism to answer to...

- The Telegraph gives Obama an "F" for protecting Americans. Hitting him for trying so hard to be "unBush" that his cool demeanor is alarming in it's downplaying of the situation (as well as his downplaying of other terrorist attacks or plots). They also note that Obama did not allow this to disrupt his golf games, tennis matches, or snorkeling adventures in Hawaii.
- Dick Cheney accuses Obama of "trying to pretend we're not at war with terrorists", and cites such examples of the ban of the phrase "War on Terror" and the closing of Gitmo. Cheney believes it is because it does not fit the global views of Obama, and that it would interfere with Obama's goal of the social transformation and restructuring of American society. Ouch!
- Let's not forget that Obama has already tried to pin the blame on this incident on George W. Bush. He's also trying to blame the CIA (nothing new for Dems), but the Agency has rebuked claims of not sharing the information that they had.
- Also, Obama called this a "catastrophic failure", only days after both NHS Secretary Janet "Big Sister" Napolitano and White House Press Secretary Robert "Softballs Only" Gibbs both stated that "the system worked". This signals inconsistency within the Obama adminstration itself.

Tough times ahead for "Barry in D.C."

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