Wednesday, May 30, 2007

24th Senate District Just Got More Interesting

So the 24th District Democrats had a mass meeting last night to decide who would they would nominate to run against Libertarian candidate Arin Sime and the winner of the Republican primary (Hanger vs. Sayre).

But wait, wasn't Will Hvorat the only contender for the Democratic nomination?

Well, he was...until yesterday morning, when David Cox threw his name into the hat. Even though he had only been running for less than 24 hours, Cox won 28 of the 37 votes cast.

Cox, as some may remember, ran against Del. Ben Cline in the 24th House District in 2005, where he was subsequently thumped by Cline, who won by over 4,700 votes and garnered 62.4% of the vote compared to Cox's 37.5%

Cox is apparently an excellent fundraiser, having out-raised Cline in significant fashion, despite losing convincingly on election day. The Democrats probably prefer Cox's name recognition and fundraising abilities to face either Sayre or Hanger.

Of course, Democrats believe they will win because they believe that the Hanger/Sayre primary has created a split in the party. Unfortunately, I would think that most of the Republican voters who turn out for the primary will back either Republican candidate come election day. In a GOP district, that is the probably the most important factor to remember.

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