Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Hasselbeck/O'Donnell Bantering...

So Rosie O'Donnell doesn't think she'll ever speak to Elisabeth Hasselbeck again. I'm still waiting to find out how Rosie can act like a victim, when she was a perpetual aggressor on the show.

Hasselbeck was the lone conservative on the show...as Behar/O'Donnell represented a hard-left viewpoint, and Barbara Walters pretty much let those 2 run the show as she sits and simply brings up topics. However, Rosie got hers for once as Hasselbeck dished out some truth, and Rosie couldn't handle it.

At least Hasselbeck has tried to mend broken fences. I'd say she's done a good job of simply being the "bigger person", and not attempting to "pile on" the situation. Rosie has also stated that she "loves all 3 of the girls" on The View...but wait, she doesn't think she'll ever speak to Hasselbeck...doesn't that mean, err, I'm confused.

Then again, Rosie leaving The View and future VP of Venezuela Cindy Sheehan leaving her soapbox in the same week isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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