Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Celebrate Your Independence With This!

According to The Politico, Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy over the July 4th holiday.
He will also be expected to reveal that he has already raised several million dollars in campaign funds. He is also expected to announce the fact that his campaign is backed by insiders from the previous 3 Republican administrations.

So basically, he's got millions of dollars to start with, and insiders from Ronald Reagan's administration, as well as both Bush administrations, are already on board. Say what you want about George W. Bush, but he always had very good people on his campaigns.

Staffers go on the payroll in early June, a "testing-the-waters" committee begins June 4th, and yes...expect to see the "Red Pickup Truck" in Iowa and New Hampshire pretty soon.

Thompson had a conference call with about 100 potential donors yesterday, all of whom were urged to raise $50,000 a piece. Should this happen, that's another $5 million

Not to mention there is still a reported $25-30 million that should have been donated from apparent "usual sources" by this point in the primary campaigns that hasn't...which is suspected to have been "withheld" for a candidate like Thompson.

Liberals don't want Thompson to run, as he poses a completely different kind of threat to the Democratic candidates. He communicates well, and provides a clear presence of strong authority (which is augmented by his acting experience). He also has a background of purusing justice, even if it means going after Republicans (see his work during Watergate).

Fireworks, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Parades, Patriotism, and Fred Thompson. Should be a good Independence Day.


Raising Kaine proves that liberals have nothing but really weak ad hominem attacks and articles from non-reputable leftist rags like New York Magazine to combat Thompson.

All the more reason to believe Thompson can and will win...they're SCARED!


According to Ward below, Politico got it wrong. No July 4th announcement. Well, that dampens my day a bit...but not my enthusiasm for the next President of the United States.

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Ward Smythe said...

No July 4th Announcement - National Review.

According to the above post on National Review, there's no announcement planned for July 4. The date was June 4 for Thompson to begin receiving donations.