Thursday, May 31, 2007

Republitarian and the Bloggers4Sayre

I goes without saying that the 24th District Primary has become a wild affair in the VA blogosphere.

Republitarian (Myron Rhodes, in case you read about this elsewhere and see his name) pretty much conceded to me that I was right to think that his recent avalanche of stories, sentiments, and opinions against Scott Sayre were not necessarily because he didn't like the candidate or was a fan of Emmett Hanger. It was because of the fact that many of the Bloggers4Sayre group attacked him for what they felt were pro-Hanger sentiments.

It was revealed by Republitarian, and then confirmed by The New Dominion, that Scott Sayre's wife has 2 DUI convictions on her record, on in 2003 and another in 2006.

I do agree with SWAC Girl and Cliff Garstang, among others, that this issue really has practically NOTHING to do with the upcoming primary between Sayre and Hanger. This information is also inappropriate, and not the kinds of things I want to read about when it comes to deciding who a better candidate is. If Sayre's wife was running, maybe then it would be an issue. Nonetheless, it does cast Sayre in a bad light.

Where I somewhat defend Republitarian is on the issue that he was trying to remain neutral, and when he wasn't necessarily pro-Sayre in his commentary (nor was he pro-Hanger, either), he was taken to task by the Bloggers4Sayre. Spank That Donkey told me that he was taking Myron to task because up to this point, Myron had been against taxes...and that by not supporting Sayre, he was "swaying" on this issue.

However, I figured that the attacks on Republitarian were what drove him to start publishing dirt on Sayre, since it was his supporters that denigrated him for quite a while. Turns out I was right.

While Republitarian's "dirt" barely affects my view of Scott Sayre, I can't say I totally blame him for going on the offensive, considering he was initially gang-tackled by Sayre supporters even though he was remaining neutral between the two. I'm surprised that the pro-Sayre bloggers are so surprised at the backlash against what their supporting.

Personally, I have plenty of ideological similarities with the pro-Sayre/SWAC bloggers. That's why when they go on a massive swarm against someone who is remaining neutral...I'm shocked, because I didn't think that being neutral about a race that is not in your district was such a bad thing.

What I wish is that both sides could simply "cut the crap" and get back to the bigger objective of promoting solid, sensible conservatism, which is what the Republicans should be doing.

Unfortunately, I don't know if that will happen any time soon.


republitarian said...


It has everything to do with character. Do you think Scott didn't know his wife was habitually engaging in criminal behavior?

What did he do about it?

Spank That Donkey said...

You know you are so right... because I STD disagree with Myron, and even go so far as to point out it's quite a feat to be anti-tax but support Emmett.. That it warrants a blogger to begin trying to destroy the wife of a candidate?

Are you sure that is what you want to defend? You feel there is a correlation in those actions?

Oh, wait a minute, didn't you feel that I well, almost said you were a Democrat over at DWJ.

Tell you what, I'll still blog on issues, and yes disagree with my fellow bloggers... and you can defend people who openly and seriously attack other peoples spouses...

Wait a minute, I know what you are going to say, I also disagreed with Megan.. I even went so far as too search criminal records? No, and even if I knew something like that about her, I'd be darned if I would throw it out on the internet.

It's called liability, and privacy issues, or actually it's called Ethics, & common courtesy.

Phil Chroniger said...

See, neither one of you agree with me, because I'm not picking sides.

Myron: Why should Scott Sayre have to answer any questions about his wife's issues? There is such a thing as "privacy", and while his wife's criminal record is public record, we should also take into consideration that it wasn't Sayre himself that committed these crimes.

STD: I said that Myron felt he was attacked unfairly for being neutral

I blog about issues all the time, STD. Hell, I said that the issue has no place in the debate between the candidates.

However, considering that you, GGD, and the rest of the Bloggers4Sayre went after Myron very quickly because he tried to remain neutral, then ragged Sayre for not responding to his e-mail (which he later apologized for, because the response was in his spam folder and he didn't know it was there), I can't 100% say "Myron shouldn't have done it", because I think you guys pushed him out of his own neutrality and forced his hand to pick a side due to your attacks.

But, you can't see past your own agenda on this...and you obviously refuse to completely read what I wrote, because if you did, you'd realize that I said that Myron should not have brought this up in the first place.

What I did say is that I can't totally blame him for doing so. I can mostly blame him, but you guys went too far in attempting to "push" Myron into supporting Sayre.

You guys accused him of carrying water for Hanger to the point that you turned him off to your cause.

Spank That Donkey said...

betchya if Myron went after your sister or mother over a disagreement on the blogs, you may arrive at another opinion.

You're a contributer to DWJ, that is where you are coming from..

Then again didn't Bouchillon threaten BVBL's family on the blogs? Sure did, just like Myron threatened Virginia Virtucon on the net...

Classy bunch you run with... and you are right there to make excuses for them...

Phil Chroniger said...

You're a contributer to DWJ, that is where you are coming from

You couldn't be more wrong, especially when I have explicity said "Myron should not have brought this issue up"

What you fail to realize is that you guys really pushed him to be anti-Sayre. That's my point that you continue to miss in each comment you make. I'm putting my points in bold so hopefully you'll actually read my complete point, instead of only focusing on where we disagree.

Then again didn't Bouchillon threaten BVBL's family on the blogs? Sure did, just like Myron threatened Virginia Virtucon on the net

I don't know if Greg B threatened BVBL's family on the blogs, I wasn't around for that, so I can't comment on it. I also don't think Myron should've gone around threatening VV, either.

Why do you think I'm endorsing Chaz over Myron??? Myron could have brought up this point about Sayre's wife, and left it at that...but he lost me when he continued to use it as a stepladder for his anti-Sayre sentiment.

However, at the same time, I do feel that the SWAC/Bloggers4Sayre group pushed him from appeared to me as a previously neutral stance.

Now, can you read ALL of that, and see that I do agree that Myron's actions were wrong?

Where we disagree is that you think Myron would've gone forward with attacking Sayre with no provocation...where I think that the Bloggers4Sayre went too far in going after Myron.

That's where we disagree.

Greg said...

Spank, next time I feel like listening to your drivel, I'll start beating you and your little friends down again on my more-influential blog. Shut your cake hole, wanker. :)