Friday, June 1, 2007

Apparently, I'm Not Clear Enough For Some...

This is, hopefully, the last I have to speak on this issue. I'm going to even bullet-point this so I make myself clear.

  1. I don't think that Republitarian's constant harping on the Mary Sayre/DUI issue is right, and is overstating the issue. If he had mentioned that this is a fact, and left it at that, I wouldn't have an issue with it.
  2. I do believe that Republitarian was provoked into publishing any dirt possible on Sayre because he felt he was being unfairly attacked by pro-Sayre bloggers.
  3. I don't think Republitarian should have threatened Virginia Virtucon.
  4. I'm not defending Republitarian's actions, as I think he's gone WAY over the line on this issue.
  5. I'm not defending Bloggers4Sayre, either.
  6. I'm simply stating things as I see them from a 3rd party perspective. If Republitarian and the Sayre bloggers want to continue this war of words and actions, so be it...I will have nothing more to do with this spat.
  7. I don't have the "anti-Sayre blogger" viewpoint that most at Daily Whackjob have.
  8. I actually like Scott Sayre a lot, politically-speaking, and I would readily endorse him if there weren't constant controversies involving his supporters and others.

See the lengths I have to go to just so people understand MY point of view?


Whackette said...

Phil, I think you have been very clear about your views regarding this whole SWAC/DWJ/Sayre/Republitarian mess. While I disagree very strongly with some of your views, you have fairly and honestly presented them.

Phil Chroniger said...

Thank you for at least acknowledging that I've been fair about this.

You and I are coming from two different viewpoints on I didn't expect that we would be in agreement :)

But hey, if we can remain civil about it, why can't anyone else?