Friday, May 18, 2007

Global Warming Thought

I'm not going to sit here and take a side on the global warming issue. I have read enough information on both sides of the issue to believe that yes, global warming is taking place...but what is causing it can be debated.

However, I do want to pose this hypothetical question to the environmentalists out there...

IF the Al Gores of the world are wrong, and global warming is being caused due to cyclical changes in the climate or due to solar-related activity (as many attribute to the melting ice caps on Mars)...should we continue to pursue the "green"-ification of our society, even though it would be in an attempt to circumvent the natural processes of either the Earth itself or the Solar System?

Just something I've been mulling over in my head.

I know some environmentalists are going to jump on me for not recognizing the "overwhelming" evidence that supports their theories. However, it seems that there is "overwhelming" evidence to the contrary, and it tells me one thing...we really don't know exactly what is the major cause of global warming. Is it one thing, is it another thing, is it the combination of all these theories at once? That, and the degree to which global warming will affect us, are the current topics that should be debated.

I think that there will be an effect on us as a global society by global warming, as the U.N. report stated an increase of up to 17 inches in the world water level by 2100 (this report done by some of the best scientists of our time). However, I think we are a species of adaptation, and we can adapt to water levels rising 17 inches in 93 years.

The ice caps are shrinking, but they are also thickening. Some regions of the world are suffering through temperature increases, some are suffering through temperature decreases. There is a hole in the ozone, but recent studies show that this hole has been closing for at least a few years, now.

See how the data goes back...and forth...and back...and forth.

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