Saturday, May 19, 2007

ShenCo Dems Get Silent Treatment

I was out with the family at the Mayfest Parade in Strasburg. About one-third of the way through the parade, a small group of people came through, holding up signs saying "Shenandoah County Democrats", as well as signs for Maxine Roles and Sam Rasoul. The parade was a loud affair with lots of cheering.

That was, until the Dems showed up, then there was silence until they passed. I kid you not, it was like a funeral procession was passing by. You could see a few of them were uncomfortable walking amongst the deafening silence.

A woman shouted "Vote Roles!" as she passed by, to which I responded "Sorry, I'm voting for Obenshain!" She shot me a dirty look, as if I had professed some sort of allegiance to Satan.

I came by their "stand" after the parade, which was a rickety little table with 3 chairs. The same woman from the parade was there, so I asked her why their stand was so small. She replied, "at least we're here, where are the Republicans today?"

I replied "You didn't see them? They were the ones lined up along King Street, watching the parade you were in."

She sat and burned, I smiled...and parted with the words "Fred Thompson for President" and walked away.

Thought I'd share that with you guys.


Whackette said...

Great story. Made my day.

Why do you have comment moderation enabled?

Phil Chroniger said...

Glad it made your day.

I enabled it after a series of asinine commentary from people who decided to post anonymously and not contribute to any kind of constructive conversation. Instead, they wanted to flame my posts with ignorance and whatnot.

Whackette said...

What did you expect would happen on a blog?

Phil Chroniger said...

A constructive argument about the issues at hand? I figured I'd create a more civil place in the blogosphere for discussion on various well as a place to vent a little :)