Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Opie and Anthony Saga Continues...

Opie and Anthony...two guys with targets on their back.

As many friends of mine know, I am a fan of "The Opie and Anthony Show". I don't have XM radio, so I only get the tape-delayed broadcast of their terrestrial radio show on WJFK out of Washington D.C. Most of the time, they'll recap some of the happenings on the XM show, because satellite radio is much less regulated in terms of language and content matter due to lack of FCC regulation on satellite radio. However, I do like the fact that their show is generally unbiased, and stupidity and/or ridiculousness gets mocked, no matter who it is that acts stupid. Their show is pretty entertaining, and is a staple of "shock jock" radio.

Anyway, this whole incident started when Opie and Anthony did a bit with a character known as "Homeless Charlie". The bit included a rant where Homeless Charlie fantasized about rough, violent sex with Laura Bush, Condi Rice, and Queen Elizabeth II. This was not a bit done in good taste, and they apologized for the bit 2 days later.

Then, they asked for some solidarity amongst the hosts of similar radio programs, citing the firings of Don Imus and JV and Elvis. The nail in the coffin came when Opie and Anthony stated that, while the FCC couldn't regulate their show, they still had to follow XM's "dumb rules".

For calling XM's rules "dumb", they were both suspended 30 days. Thankfully for the millions of fans of the show, they'll at least have the 3 hours on terrestrial radio via CBS Radio (which, ironically, is the company that fired Don Imus).

Many believe this is XM's attempt to pacify lawmakers in order to have a proposed merger between XM and Sirius approved.

Democrats are using these incidents to push for a new version of the "Fairness Doctrine", which means that lefty shows get equal radio time in the one media outlet that has a conservative majority, and that majority is there because it is what the audience wants (hey libs, it's the ratings, stupid...nobody wants to listen to Air America).

Holy crap,'s the DEMOCRATS that want to control the airwaves!!! And yet, it was the liberals that screamed about censorship after Janet Jackson's "Breastgate" incident. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal on this issue.

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Kevin said...

I'm with you on the Democrats and what they're doing to radio. Let people talk freely on the airwaves.

BTW, I've listened to JFK for over 12 years now and it's gone downhill over the last few years because of the FCC...urgh...