Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey Paris Hilton, Just Go To Jail Already

You're on your third conviction. One was a DUI lowered to reckless driving. Two more for driving without a license. Your excuses so far have been inconsistent..."I didn't know", "my assistants didn't tell me", and lately "I don't read".

Well, I can believe the last excuse.

However, you can hear. You hear so well that you even said "fine, take my license, I'm still going to drive". This is the total lack of responsibility we've come to expect from you, among other irresponsible and whiny celebrities.

You're only going to jail for less than half of the "cruel and unusual" punishment of 45 days. Do the right thing, Paris, and serve your 3 whole weeks of jail time. Governor Schwarzenegger will not pardon you, he's pretty much implied that. C'mon now, he's got to choose between you and your mommy and daddy...or the rest of the state of California (and the country, for that matter). I think you lose in that decision.

Plus, you're not that attractive...I'd take America Ferrera over your vapid, skeletal frame any day of the week.

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