Friday, May 18, 2007

More on Fred Thompson's Reaction to Immigration Bill

Read the transcript of Fred Thompson's thoughts on this debacle of an immigration bill here, courtesy of the National Review.

Some of Thompson's points that I would like to highlight and comment on.

"I’d tell you what was in the legislation, but 24 hours after the politicians agreed the bill looked good, the Senate lawyers were still writing what may turn out to be a one thousand page document. In fact, a final version of the bill most likely will not be made available to the public until after the legislation is passed. That may come five days from now. That’s like trying to digest an eight-course meal on a 15-minute lunch break."

- That's becoming a big focal point for those who are against this. The bill was agreed upon before it was even written!

"The fact is our border and immigration systems are still badly broken. We were reminded of this when Newsweek reported that the family of three of the men, arrested last week for allegedly plotting to kill American military personnel at Fort Dix, New Jersey, entered the U.S. illegally more than 20 years ago; filed for asylum back in 1989, but fell off the government’s radar screen when federal bureaucrats essentially lost track of the paperwork. Wonder how many times that’s been replicated?"

- This is why I like Thompson, he wants to reduce the size of government, and cut back the bureaucratic makes things simpler. His last question is also worth thinking about.

"...agreeing to policies before actually seeing what the policies are is a heck of a way to do business."

- Isn't it, though?

"We should scrap this “comprehensive” immigration bill and the whole debate until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders — or at least made great headway. That would give proponents of the bill a chance to explain why putting illegals in a more favorable position than those who play by the rules is not really amnesty."

- I would like for someone in Congress to explain that to me...then they can explain it to my mother, along with my grandmother (God rest her soul) and my grandfather.

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