Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Muslims Making Demands at GMU

I read this story first at Little Green Footballs.

Apparently, the Muslim Student Association at George Mason University demand certain accomodations. They caused a near-riot during a speech by John Lewis, and now they're demanding that the school create an an individual prayer room on campus for Muslims to pray. Basically, they want place for religious purposes on the campus of a public university, at the cost of taxpayer dollars.

They're already using the school's "Quiet Meditation Room", and have taken to kicking out non-Muslims who wish to use the room with their shoes on, and they separate males and females, even if they are non-Muslims.

Where are the left's cries for separation of church and state on this issue? Why do Muslim students believe their needs trump those of the rest of the university? I would think that the university would immediately state that they can't honor these demands due to the fact that if they accomodate one religion, they would have to provide similar accomodations to all religions...something I know the school, the alumni, and the taxpayers are not going to be willing to do.

There are many mosques in Northern Virginia, it's not like they don't have places off-campus to worship. If the problem is a lack of places to worship, why not go to one of their local mosques? That's what many Christian and Jewish students do.

Hopefully, the school will do the fair thing...and tell them that it is not the school's place to provide accomodations of this nature for religious reasons.

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Rick Sincere said...

The Catholic campus ministry has a chapel that is near, but not on, the George Mason grounds (on Roberts Road). Other religious groups probably have similar accommodations for their space needs. There is no reason Muslim students cannot do the same.