Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Power From Offshore - Either Way, It's A Good Thing

A recent WaPo article spoke of "Windmill Farms" being built offshore in Delaware, and possibly Maryland and Virginia. The ideas that have been proposed are fairly interesting. Large groups of wind-powered turbines built anywhere between 6 and 11 miles off the Atlantic coast. If this kind of power source can create a sufficient amount of power, I can see the sense in this option to provide power to Americans.

However, I would like to know what kind of damage these turbines can sustain during a hurricane, as they would be in a good place for those hurricanes that tend to hang along the coast and wreak all kinds of havoc. If these turbines can be built to withstand at least a category 4 hurricane, then I can see this as a very feasible option.

However, I do believe that since we are an oil/petroleum-based society energy-wise, until we can find a sufficient, cost-effective, reasonable way to ween ourselves off of oil drilling is a viable option. Simply put, we have to reduce our dependence on foreign oil first, then we can reduce our dependence on oil in general.

However, these offshore "Windmill Farms" are an interesting idea.

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