Monday, May 7, 2007

WaPo Critical of Dems

The Democrats refuse to support pro-Bush allies.

You know the situation has gotten pretty ridiculous when the Washington Post is the one telling these Democrats "you're alienating our allies".

It has not been a good time for Democratic agendas...Sarkozy is elected in France and an Islamist withdrew from the election in Turkey. Oddly enough, as the Democrats rose into power with cries of Bush's alienation of our allies in leaders have started popping up in Europe. Markel in Germany, Sarkozy in France, and it appears that Italy may be having a shift in leadership to a more pro-American government.

By the way, how can Raising Kaine and Richmond Democrat both claim Sarkozy is a "progressive democrat" when he is generally a right-winger who wants to cut taxes and deport illegal immigrants...not to mention takes a hard-line stance against crime and terrorism. He also likes America. I don't see Sarkozy being the type of ally to the Democratic cause that Jacques Chirac was.

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