Friday, November 16, 2007

Congrats Zen!

Daily Whackjob's resident beatnik hippie liberal (who is probably more moderate than that description implies) is about to become a father. Click here to to leave your best wishes on the impending birth of his child!

Congratulations zen!


zen said...

Hey thanks Phil!
You're a parent aren't you? Any words of wisdom?

Phil Chroniger said...

Some words of wisdom? Sure...

You'll never be 100 percent ready for parenthood the first time around. No matter how many books you read, TV shows you watch, people you talk to. Once you figure that out, that's when you stop worrying and everything is gravy.

Oh yeah, and those chairs that fold out into beds in the hospital rooms are the most uncomfortable contraptions ever invented. :)

zen said...

LOL...yeah, I've already embraced the first bit. Realizing that I have poor eyesight and worrying that my child will. I let that go, I can't do a damn thing about it.

The second bit...I've been prepared for those uncomfortable things as EVERYONE has mentioned that.
I will be sure to do my part and pass it on to future generations.;)

Thanks again, Phil.