Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Democrat In Trouble Over "Buckwheat" Comment...Blames Eddie Murphy

I kid you not.

The whole controversy stems over a comment by Louisiana State Representative Carla Dartez. Rep. Dartez was speaking to Hazel Boykin and thanking her for her "get out the vote" efforts. Boykin is the mother of Jerome Boykin, President of the NAACP in Morgan City, LA.

Dartez wrapped up the conversation with the phrase "Talk to you later, Buckwheat."

Now, both Boykins are working hard to ensure Dartez isn't elected as she faces Joe Harrison in a runoff, since Dartez only won with a plurality of the vote a week ago.

Dartez's reason for using this line: She bought an Eddie Murphy tape a few days ago, and Eddie used the name Buckwheat.

Basically, she simply said that since Eddie Murphy said it, so it's O-Tay! Err, OK!

You know, I guarantee that you won't see the "macaca"-style moral outrage from Democrats on this one. I wonder why.

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