Friday, November 16, 2007

Gilmore, Pace, Cantor, Saxman, oh my!

The RPV is encountering problems dealing with the "Mark Warner factor". Namely, they can't agree on a candidate. The history of this is as follows...

- Tom Davis was originally thought to be the de facto challenger for John Warner's open Senate seat. He decided against it (probably gearing up for a run against Jim Webb in 2012). Smart move given the fact that Davis faces a pretty stiff challenge in either Leslie Byrne or Gerry Connolly for his current Congressional seat.

- Jim Gilmore has pretty much decided to run.

- Amongst mil-bloggers and a few others...Peter Pace has been floated as a potential candidate, and there is a "draft Pace" movement going on, but Pace hasn't really made any statements either way.

- As I blogged recently, Eric Cantor is being petitioned to be drafted or to run outright against the Blue Warner. I believe Cantor once dismissed the idea, but didn't completely shut the door on the idea, as well.

- Now, I'm hearing that Delegate Chris Saxman is a rumored potential candidate.

Who else will join the fray?

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