Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Open Thread: Who Should Be The Next Senate Minority Leader?

Who should the GOP select to be the next minority leader in the State Senate?

What do you do if you're the GOP? Do you go with someone who has hung tough in a blue area, like Ken Cuccinelli? Do you go with someone from a more rural area, like Mark Obenshain? Do you go with a hard-line conservative or a moderate?

Who do you think should be the new minority leader in the Senate?

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of who it should be, it will be Walter Stosch. The moderates still have a majority of the caucus and none of them will challenge Stosch. A moderate challenge to Stosch makes it look like the moderates are admitting something is wrong.

Even if Stosch retires from the leadership on his own, the next leader will be a member of the VSRLT. If he does retire, the best choice is Ryan McDougle because he is a good bridge between both sides of the caucus.