Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Draft ACBG!!!

That seems to be what's going around the conservative blogosphere this week. Draft ACBG!, or "Any Candidate But Gilmore!"

That is understandable. Despite Jim Gilmore's resume as a former Governor of Virginia and presidential candidate, his name leaves a sour, "car tax flavor" taste in the mouths of many.

A while ago, not long after Gilmore announced his intentions to run for Senate, there seemed to be a burgeoning "Draft Peter Pace" movement, which I thought would've been interesting if Pace had decided to run. If Pace had run, he would have been able to sit back on his long military career and wouldn't have the political baggage of Gilmore's Car Tax Pledge or Mark Warner's tax hike.

If elected, Pace would've been an interesting person to have sitting in the U.S. Senate...considering Harry Reid, Pace's biggest critic, would be the Majority Leader (barring a huge momentum swing in next year's elections). It would make for some interesting dramatics.

Now, sparked by an open letter by the Mason Conservative, there is currently a Draft Eric Cantor movement. Cantor is one of the more prominent Republicans in the House of Representatives, and is seen by many right-wingers as part of the party's future.

Bearing Drift has a petition up to draft Cantor. Renaissance Ruminations, Scott's Morning Brew, and other blogs have shown support for a Cantor run. It will be interesting if the support for Cantor, or any other "draft them" candidate, will lead to an announced candidacy.

Meanwhile, I'm here at The Podium taking notes...I need a candidate to endorse next year. If anyone wants to make a case for any candidate or potential candidate, do so in the comments below.

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Bwana said...

I am less an ACBG than a SOTDOG...Someone other than Davis or Gilmore...

more later.