Thursday, November 15, 2007

MSM At It Again

The whole CNN/John Cena/WWE controversy has drawn the ire of a lot of wrestling fans, including myself. I didn't bring it to this blog because it was wrestling-related, and this is a political blog.

However, Q and O has posted the clip that CNN broadcasted of their interview of John Cena, which appears to show Cena admitting to steroid use. Then, they shows the video of the entire conversation, which takes on the OPPOSITE meaning when played in full context. This has actually proven to be quite a scandal for CNN, as it exposes obvious lies in journalism.

Of course, this harkens back to when 20/20 made Mick Foley look like a callous buffoon by clipping his comments to make it look like he endorsed violent, dangerous backyard wrestling. Foley's recount of the story in his book Foley Is Good really exposes how they make these kinds of clips.

Of course, the liberal media has always had a problem with professional wrestling being portrayed in anything but a negative light.

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