Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cerrato is GONE!

A bit overdue, but still promising news for the future of the organization.

Actually, as much as Vinny Cerrato is responsible for the problems that the Washington Redskins have had over the past decade, it's players that he specifically sought after that have stepped up and performed well during the past 5 weeks. I'm glad to see him go, the team needs a fresh approach to it's drafting and free agent mentalities, and hopefully Daniel Snyder will stand out of the way.

New GM Bruce Allen has obvious ties to the team and the area, as he is the son of former Skins coach George Allen, and former Virginia Governor and Senator George F. Allen. Bruce Allen, given his track record, should have no problems addressing the team's most glaring weakness...the offensive line. He's done a good job in the past with this.

Now, the question remains, is this a sign that Jon Gruden is coming to DC? Gruden was head coach in Oakland and Tampa Bay during Allen's tenures with both of those teams.

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