Friday, December 18, 2009

Got Tickets to Wayside Theater Tonight, and Work Tomorrow...

...and I might have to dig myself out tomorrow.

10 to 16 inches of snow expected. From 5-8, to 6-10, now 10-16?

This one's gonna be nasty, folks.


Anti-BVBL is hearing 20-25 inches, and a commenter on that post has heard as high as 30 inches. That is crazy!


megan said...

Ok, Phil, I gotta ask. Why would you let a spam comment out of moderation? Isn't, spam reduction one of the main points of moderating comments?

Phil Chroniger said...

Mainly because sometimes I just hit "publish all" because I'm too lazy to bother with it ;)

Actually, I really use the moderation to see who is commenting. It is easier just to do that than to constantly check my e-mail.

Also, sometimes you see the most humorous spam posts. I get a twisted chuckle out of some of the attempts at "legitmate"-looking spam posts.