Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dems Abandoning Glenn Nye

VB Dems noting that Rep. Glenn Nye has lost his progressive base, at least in their estimation. The customary shots at the tea party activists and Republican candidates can be found as well. Seems like the Dem activists/bloggers/grassroots in Virginia Beach are ready to sit this one out in 2010.

The thing is...Nye was never a "progressive" (such a misnomer for their political stances) in the first place. Nye is too fiscally conservative to be a Democrat that someone as lefty as VB Dems would like. Nye is as far left as Virginia Beach is going to go. Apathetic and discouraging attitudes like these are simply going to encourage the rumors that Nye may jump parties.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Not true.

There are always a few fringe voices on both political extremes who are in perpetual whine mode.

If these folks had their way, their side would always field candidates with ideological purity. Then, those candidates would consistently lose.

Mr. Nye has built a successful coalition that crosses party lines, which is exactly what successful politicians here in Virginia have always had to do in order to win elections.

To those who pout over not always getting their way, I encourage them to recall the lesson that, half a loaf, is much better than none.

Mr. Nye is a good Congressman and he is doing a fine job for Virginians in our Congress.

Phil Chroniger said...

Nye is far from the worst Representative this state has in Congress, that is for sure.

That title could be given to Bobby Scott or Gerry Connolly. Rick Boucher is creeping into that consideration as of late, as he has moved more and more into lockstep with his party.