Saturday, January 9, 2010

Upcoming General Assembly and Proposed Gun Rights Legislation

Browsing through Richmond Sunlight, and I'm finding some good pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

In the House...
- HB26 would mandate that the Clerk of Court cannot ask a concealed weapon permit applicant for any identification beyond what is required for the application form.
- HB32 would allow the faculty at any university in Virginia to carry a concealed weapon, provided they have a permit.
- HB49 would repeal the one-handgun-per-month rule.
- HB79 would remove public access to applications for concealed weapons permits. This is good, because I really don't want other people snooping through my permit application. I'm a proponent of open government, but this is information about private citizens, not government officials.

There are more, but these stuck out to me as excellent new legislation that promotes our 2nd Amendment rights.


Anonymous said...

Now if we could just get a Castle Clause...

Ron Mexico said...

I don't see the castle clause coming. I glad I can get more then one gun a month...Need to stock up before the revoltution begian...Plus I have been watching that show on History channel how to survive. Last night I learn how to make biodeasel and hot wire a car