Friday, January 8, 2010

James Carville Just Made Me Throw Up in my Mouth

In reference to the airport scanners, the Ragin' Cajun...ahem...whipped out his thoughts on the issue during today's Tony Kornheiser Show.

"Let me buy a [security] card, then go and measure my penis, and let me get on the airplane".

Ugh. James Carville's penis. Just let the thought of that sink in for a second, then try to hold your lunch down.

Actually, if there was any human being who resembles a penis, it's Carville. See below...

I like Carville and all (even if he and I disagree ideologically), but geez, I don't even think Mary Matalin wants to hear about your penis, James!

1 comment:

Spock said...


Carville is da gonzo man through and through.

Makes me miss HST...