Saturday, January 9, 2010

Woman With Condoms in D.C. Can Be Arrested for Prostitution

Apparently so, as police are using anything possible to crack down on prostitution, including if a woman is carrying 3 or more condoms in her purse.

So, if a woman just likes to go out and have one night stands, and is actually trying to be responsible, or just buys a few condoms to take home to have a wild weekend with her man, she can be booked on prostitution charges? What kind of civil liberties are those???

This is why victimless crimes like prostitution shouldn't be crimes at all. It leads to stuff like this! This is a violation of a woman's right to carry something legal like condoms. It also makes women more likely to not carry protection, which can lead to unprotected sex and disease transfer and/or unwanted pregnancies.

I know some of you morally-correct people will say "well, people shouldn't be having so much sex", but that is their choice, and they shouldn't be punished for trying to be responsible about how they go about their choice.


Citizen Tom said...

Are you sure this is not just nonsense from the rumor mill? Is not the operative word "apparently"? Do you know of anyone who has been successfully prosecuted just because they had three or more condoms?

Let us not forget that the condom is the sacred religious symbol of the irreligious left. While mumbling the incantation, "SAFE SEX", the condom is what the Holy Protectors of abortion and values free sex hold up to ward off the demons and devils of stupid and irresponsible behavior.

Look at who inhabits and dominates our nation's capital. That city is the stronghold of the prophets and apostles of the secular creed of "Scientific" Holy Protection. What judge in DC is going to punish anyone for having a condom? Can you give an example?

Spock said...

I have said again and again, this is just another way for cops to gain power and money over and out of citizens.

Your average college student in DC carries multiple condoms on their person whether they are male or female.

What if a woman just bought a box of condoms from the CVS?

If there is any accuracy to this, it is for citizens to have to shell out cash for bail/fines/citations, hire lawyers, and get processed into the system.

Remember the mantra: ACAB aka All Cops Are Bastards.

Spock said...

And BTW there is nothing wrong with lots of sex.

If you can go through 3 condoms in one evening you're doing it right!

Phil Chroniger said...

I certainly don't think that "all cops are bastards", I know many good cops.

However, I think a bit more deductive reasoning would be applicable in this type of situation.

Spock said...

What type of reasoning?

Why are they even disturbing with these women AND men when there is violent crime to watch?

Phil Chroniger said...

I agree with those sentiments regarding what "is" and "isn't" a crime. Prostitution, IMO, isn't really a crime. There is no victim.

Forced prostitution, I can understand (a heavy-handed pimp forcing a woman into selling herself for sex, for example). However, willing and consensual prostitution...I see no crime, there.

Ron Mexico said...

Let get the STD going..Then when we get ***Uiveral "was of tax payer money" Healthcare it will in place all the good little wowhores.

Its not a crime, just like a little pot, or sniff sniff. Only hurt one person yourself