Sunday, January 3, 2010

Redskins End 2009 Season, Zorn is Already Gone

It was the same as it ever was for this season...they showed flashes of absolute brilliance but couldn't pull it out. The San Diego Chargers pulled it out with a last-minute touchdown to get a 23-20 victory over the Skins in San Diego.

Jason Campbell spent another day getting pounded by an opposing defense due to having no pass protection, but still played well. He finished the game 28-of-42 for 281 yards and 2 touchdowns, as well as an electrifying 84 yard pass to Malcolm Kelly to set up the Skins 2nd touchdown right before halftime.

At halftime, it was reported that Zorn will be fired tomorrow. Mike Shanahan is the leading candidate, and Jerry Gray (assistant defensive coordinator - defensive backs coach) has already been interviewed.

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