Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Podium Endorsement

In the 24th State Senate District, there has been a lot of heat and controversy between the Republican nominees, incumbent Emmett Hanger and challenger Scott Sayre. The race is even more crowded with Democrat David Cox and Libertarian Arin Sime also running in the November election.

I disagree with Hanger on several issues. Most notably would be his vote on the Warner tax increase, his initiative to provide in-state tuition to illegal aliens, and the "castration legislation" he introduced.

I think Scott Sayre is a fine candidate, but a few of his supporters have pushed me away, rather than give me more of a reason to support and endorse the man.

I don't particularly care for David Cox, the Democratic challenger in this race, as he would help tip the scales to the Democrats in the Senate, and he hasn't said much else that appeals to me, and this dates back to his failed bid for the 24th House of Delegates seat against Del. Ben Cline.

Arin Sime, the Libertarian candidate, stands for lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, smaller government, improved transportation, pro-2nd Amendment rights, and protection of farmland...all key issues within the 24th district, as well as the Shenandoah Valley. He's been clear on his stances from the start, and has resigned from simply slinging mud. While he is a registered Libertarian, he has a lot of the same political stances that conservatives can embrace, as well.

This is why the Podium endorses Libertarian Arin Sime for the 24th State Senate. Sime has also earned a "majority-vote" endorsement from The Daily Whackjob, as well.

Catch an interview with Arin Sime, as well as David Cox, at The New Dominion.


Spank That Donkey said...

So you are saying that you can't support Sayre because ostensibly B4S supporters are turning you away.

Meanwhile a certain blogger who has driven his blog into the sewer attacking Sayre endorses Sime.

DWJ is behind Sime, and we know who else that happens to be married to a certain blogger blogs for DWJ.

Where is the mystery in all this?

Phil Chroniger said...

Not all B4S supporters, just a couple of them. Most of them I either have no problem with, or I really like them.

To expose a little "behind the scenes" info to you, STD...I brought up the idea of endorsing Sime to the DWJ crowd.

Sime stands for most of the things you guys stand for...especially the anti-tax, fiscal conservatism, smaller-government parts.

So, what's your beef with this? Well, other than the fact that not everyone is jumping on board with what you say?

And Myron, well, he may very well endorse Hanger should Hanger win the primary (he hinted at that in his blog)...I will still endorse Sime.

That is where the difference betwen myself and Myron lie...his endorsement depends on the GOP primary. Mine, however, does not.