Friday, June 8, 2007

Where Tom Tancredo Lost Me

I was reviewing the most recent debate last night, and Tom Tancredo made this statement.

"But let's be serious about this, you guys. We can talk about all the immigration reform we want and what it's got to get down to is this: Are we ready for a time-out? Are we actually ready to say, enough is enough, we have to stop all legal immigration except for people coming into this country as family members, immediate family members, and/or refugees."

Excuse me, Tom? I was a big fan of yours when you were talking about providing amnesty and/or pardoning Duane "Dog" Chapman. I applauded your stance on stopping illegal immigration. Now you want to slow the amount of legal immigration to a slight trickle, where those who are simply looking to take the right path for a better life in America are turned away at the door?

Sorry Tom, but I can't back you on that one. If your stance had been enacted into law prior to 1971, my mother and my grandparents would not have been able to come to this country, and I would not be alive today.

Legal immigration is a great thing, and we need to find ways to make it more streamlined and efficient, as well as cost-effective. I would think that updating and re-working the current methods of legal immigration is the goal that our politicians should be trying to obtain...instead of radical ideas from either side, whether it be amnesty or this proposal from Tancredo.


MB said...

Well, congrats on waking up to what Tom & Co. are really about.

Anonymous said...

Tancredo's comment needs to be taken in context. He wanted to stop all immigration for a finite period of time to allow better assimilation. Whenever any large wave of immigrants comes here certain problems arise. Consider the wave of Irish immigrants as seen in this link:
At first glance, Tancredo's comments seem a bit over the top and may not be workable. Nevertheless, a closer look should be taken rather than a simple dismissal.

Alexander said...

I believe he asked the question-"Are we ready for a time out?" Meaning now,like in 2007! No one talked about or was concerned about this in 1971.
That is the point. Have you ever known someone to overdue something. Our nation is not handling the numbers of immigrants. Again in 2007!
How long of a time out? Or break.Have you ever taken a break from something? "A time out until we do not have to press one for English and two for any other language" That was the point he was making. Relax, No one is getting into a time machine!

Phil Chroniger said...

MB: Tancredo is a separate case from the rest of the GOP contenders, including Duncan Hunter...if you watched the debate, you'll know what I mean.

cerebus: I dismiss the comment because of the fact that I do not believe that we need to stop legal immigration at all, we need to make legal immigration more functional and efficient.

Alexander: My statement about my mother is referring to the fact that had this been in effect in 1971, I wouldn't be here...and I believe that we shouldn't punish those who are going about coming to America in a legal, lawful way.