Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Harry Reid = Moron Squared, and Immigration Bill Update

Yesterday, Sen. Harry "White Flag" Reid referred to illegal immigrants as "12 million undocumented Americans."

WHAT??? Come again? These people, who have no legal status in this country and shouldn't even be here, are to be considered Americans??? You've GOT to be kidding me.

As for yesterday's and today's floor debates and votes on the Immigration Bill...(both courtesy of Michelle Malkin)

Important Notes From Yesterday...
- Wayne Allard's amendment to ensure illegals don't get green-card preference over those who have been patiently waiting without illegally entering the country was voted down.
- "Dirty" Dick Durbin's amendment to eliminate Dept. of Labor provisions to waive requirements that employers in "labor shortage areas" offer jobs to U.S. workers before foreign workers passes.
- Harry "White Flag" Reid keeps pushing for cloture...Mitch McConnell and the GOP is NOT having this. McConnell states that Reid is avoiding having Dems vote on germane amendments, Reid insists "we're going to file cloture on this bill today." Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn both call out the Dems for stalling and attempting to squeeze out their proposed amendments via cloture.
- Ted Kennedy proclaims he is "ready to go." John Thune wants his amendment scheduled as "pending", Kennedy objects. As Malkin puts it..."So much for being ready to go."

Important Notes from Today...
- Kennedy and Cornyn both have proposed amendments about banning criminals from obtaining Z visas. Cornyn states that if we don't adopt his amendment, which bans all felons from obtaining Z visas, we should entitle this bill "No Felon Left Behind" (right on!).
- Kennedy states that "1986 was amnesty, this is not amnesty" (yet, he wrote both bills), and blames Reagan and Bush 41 for not enforcing the 1986 amnesty bill's provisions on enforcing border security...however, he completely ignores the fact that from 1993 to 2001, a certain Democrat with the last name of "Clinton" was the president, and he never enforced thsoe provisions, either. Kennedy's speech includes a lot of strange pauses and sentence fragments as it seems like he was about to have a heart attack from the text I read.
- Sheldon Whitehouse compares Cornyn's amendment to torture (umm, okay Sheldon). He goes on about the due process of illegal aliens, blubberblubberblubber. Then, Jeff Sessions steps up with this gem in defense of Cornyn's amendment...
"No one has a right to come to America. We get to decide...we allow on our terms and conditions... our immigration system is set up to serve the national interest...No one has a constitutional legal right to demand entry into America. It amazes me the lack of comprehension shown...We set the standards. Se have the most generous set of laws in the world. Se're not going to end immigration or act irrationally. To set reasonable standards, as Cornyn is attempting to do, only makes common sense."
- John Cornyn's amendment that bans felons and others convicted serious, but non-felonious, crimes from obtaining Z visas is knocked down.
- Ted Kennedy's amendment that bans a very narrow field of criminals (due to all of the exceptions he's listed) from obtaining Z visas passes.
- After expressing support for Kennedy's amendment, RINO Arlen Specter states that he will yank this bill if Harry Reid continues to push for cloture.

Both days, John Kyl (the lead Republican on this bill) has threatened to pull support on this bill if certain amendments are passed (such as the Bob Menendez and Hillary Clinton amendments). Also, Harry Reid is SCARED of exposed Democratic senators to voting against germane amendments proposed by the Republicans, for fear of backlash from the public for not supporting smart amendments.

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