Sunday, June 3, 2007

JFK Terror Plot - Blind Eye Turned by the Left?

Well, the "cool kids" over at Daily Kos believe that the U.S. Government is lying and making up the bust of the terrorist plot to blow up JFK Airport (caution, tons of foul language in the Daily Kos post...which is not surprising, though).

Really, this post is more of a blast at the conservative blog Little Green Footballs for noticing that many popular leftist blogs had remained completely silent after this news broke, including Daily Kos..who only responded after the post at LGF brought this point to light.

The News Buckit echoes LGF's sentiments, and is one of the first blogs to bring up the reports of active Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the Caribbean.

Why is it hard to believe that we're breaking up terrorist plots all the time? Especially considering how much attention our Intel organizations are focusing on terrorism. I love the fact that the Daily Kos post also states that the recent Fort Dix plot is another "made up" terror plot by the U.S. Government.

There is a growing sense of delusion amongst some blogs, that's why many feel that Daily Kos has "jumped the shark", and is simply heading nowhere by down from here.

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