Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How Far-Left Conspiracy Theorists are Harming National Security

After the thwarting of the JFK Airport bombing, there began a slow rise in the return of the "Bush is making fake busts to rally support" mantras from far-left conspiracy theorists.

Whether they're given national exposure at Daily Kos or AntiWar Blog, or some local yokel on WSVA's "Candid Comment", these people come up with reasons to believe this busted plot (and many others) were not "real" or "threatening", so we shouldn't really pay attention.

Mind you, most of these people are the same ones who bash Bush for "not stopping 9/11", then bash him when they do stop a terrorist plot, because they say "it wasn't a real threat", or that "it wouldn't have ever happened".

What happens then is the public's sense of reality that we could be hit by a major terrorist attack becomes dulled. People then begin to doubt that terrorist threats are a real danger to our nation, because of all of these supposed "false" threats. If people let these false and potentially dangerous opinions to seep into the conciousness of mainstream America, we allow ourselves to be open for a "real" attack, which means that "real" lives are going to be lost.

Even then...don't expect these far-left conspiracy theorists to take any responsibility for spreading the misinformation.

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