Monday, August 6, 2007

Defecating Where They Eat

Some people have no problem with doing exactly that.

Eddie Garcia (aka kestrel9000 of Cobalt6/Dailykos fame) is a proud liberal. In fact, in many ways, he is a socialist in the Vermont sense of the word. I've pretty much agreed to disagree with Eddie on practically everything, because we do. In fact, I've long-thought that I was one of the few Valley conservatives to have a relatively civil relationship with ol' Eddie.

However, his statements in a recent article in The New Dominion raised the hairs on the back of my moderately-conservative neck just a little.

Namely, this one..."'This is the fourth state that I’ve lived in - and the politics of division, the hatred, the pointing the fingers. Democrats are traitors, homosexuals will destroy your marriage, the Muslims will kill you when you sleep - and people take this seriously. I find it disgusting. It’s revolting,” Garcia says.

'It goes against everything that I believe in, everything that I was raised to believe was right, proper, true and correct. Bigotry and hatred in this area seems to have a license - and all I can do is stand against it.

'If there are consequences, then there are consequences - but I am who I am. I have my values, and I compromise them for no one.'"

Eddie, you and I both come from out-of-state. I come from College Park, Maryland (just outside of D.C.) by way of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I've resided in the Valley for 10 years. Yes, I've had my run-ins with some who have closed minds towards minorities...but those were very few-and-far between. The bigotry and hatred you describe, to be quite honest, invokes images of the pre-Civil Rights era of the South.

You claim to be about "the community", but all of the communities throughout The Valley are very tight-knit, and very welcoming...especially in comparison to when I moved to Pennsylvania, where things are a bit more "closed off" to those coming in from outside the area (though, the people there are still very nice once you get to know them).

I've found most of the people of this area to be God-fearing, hard-working, blue-collar, no-nonsense, proud individuals who, pardon my language, couldn't give a damn about politics, gay marriage, or anything else you have a problem with...but you choose to degrade them all in a sweeping generalization.

To hear you describe these people in such a way is detrimental to the image of these generally good, honest people. I will gladly stand up and defend the dignity and honor of these people, even though you would rather perpetuate stereotypes that really only reflect a minority of those that live in our general area.

Don't believe me, then read this.

You seem to have a great, and very misplaced, disgust with this area...especially your comments in this article are directed towards those who listen to your radio show. I don't think I've ever heard of a radio DJ who abhorred his own listeners with this kind of ferocity.

Since your listeners = your paycheck, your tact in attempting to implement such radically-leftward change in the minds of listeners in such a conservative area should be reconsidered. Instead of opening minds to your point of view, you're insulting those you want to reach out to.

As you said, you have your values...and you compromise them for no one. However, don't be so surprised if people don't compromise your values for you, either.

Once again, I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree. You think people of the Valley are nothing but bigots and hatemongers...I, on the other hand, feel differently.


JohnMaxfield said...

Excellent post, Phil. I agree with you 100%.

kestrel9000 said...

I said that I've seen more of that here than I've seen anywhere else.
And that's an objective statement.
Quit twisting it around, Phil.
If it doesn't apply to you, then you know it.
If, on the other hand, the shoe fits....well.
It exists.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Seems to me that Eddie is casting judgment upon those of us in the valley. I didn't think that liberals employed judgments - I thought that they were against it.

Good title and it aptly fits.

Phil Chroniger said...

This is also about as "red" a state as you've ever been, according to the article...and being that you have such a problem with conservatives, I can't help but question your objectivity, Eddie.

Your explicit language did not say everybody...but your implications were pretty clear.

The phrase "bigotry and hatred in this area seems to have a license" is a pretty sweeping statement...especially since I believe that the majority of the people in the Valley (which is mainly conservatives) should not be lumped into such a statement, because it really does not apply to the majority of people in our area.

Bigotry and hatred exist everywhere. I've come across my fair share of bigots and hatemongers in our area...but I've also come across my fair share of those types of people in different, more "blue" areas, too.

Bigotry, ignorance, hatred...these are character traits that, in my opinion, know no political affilation.

kestrel9000 said...

ho was it that pushed a Constitutional amendment to make that which was illegal illegal-er?
I don't think it was progressives.
Who gave us "macaca?"
Not progressives.
And the "Virgil Goode stance on immigration?"
Not progressives.
I'm telling you what I've seen.
Your attack on me is disingenuous, dishonest, and you know it.
And look who's backing you up.
John "Liberal Scumbags" Lawyer Impersonator Maxfield, and Harkonnen.
That says a great deal.
I have personally observed more examples of bigotry and divisive politics here than I have ever seen anywhere else I have ever lived.
That is a fact. I did not make it that way.

Phil Chroniger said...

I'd hardly call what I said an "attack", it was my reaction to my own interpretation of what YOU said.

First of all, Virgil Goode does not represent our area. George Allen is not from The Valley. George W. Bush is from Texas, for God's sake...if you want to insult people in "our area" (the Valley), start picking people from around here, at least.

Secondly, I don't call people to back me up...if Maxfield and Harkonnen want to agree with what I said, then that's something they do of their own volition.

What's funny is that you believe it is the Republicans who push divisive politics, I believe that both parties are guilty of this (although, I also believe it's the Democrats who are "more guilty" if there is such a thing)

Dishonest and disingenuine? I think not, Eddie. I simply read what you said, applied it to "this area" (as you had stated), and interpreted it as it stood...without your recent clarifications.

Spank That Donkey said...

You got em backpeddling pretty hard Phil...

C6 is a great case of 'projection'.. everyone else is full of hate and bigots...