Sunday, December 16, 2007

2400 in 24

From Friday to Saturday, The Fred Thompson campaign put out the challenge to get donations from 2400 donors in 24 hours. It was a success, and a rousing show of support for the future President of the United States.

The goal was not to see how much money could be raised, but how many different people could donate. Good to see Thompson supporters successfully meet and exceed this challenge. This should be yet another boost to Fred's campaign.


Banned from the New Dominion said...

Your momma was going to donate to the Republican party and had click onto one of their sites. A follow up phone call to her was made by someone who did not listen to what your mother was saying and when your mother repeated her comment the caller got very huffy and her tone was that she didn't have time for anything except what she wanted to talk about.

Outcome--one less donation

Phil Chroniger said...


You're not the first person to say conclusion is that the Republican National Committee needs new people to work their phone banks.

That's why one should donate directly to a candidate, anyway. It shows individual support for that candidate, and you don't have to deal with huffy RNC phone bank employees :)

I'm assuming Mom is going to jump off the Huckabee wagon she had only recently jumped on?