Monday, December 17, 2007

Iowa Rep. King Endorses, Fred Thompson!

Courtesy of the Campaign Spot blog at NRO.

Iowa Rep. Steve King endorsed Fred Thompson for President today. The reason why this endorsement is noteworthy is because all of Team Romney was in attendance, thinking King would announce an endorsement of their candidate.

In fact, speculation is that King may have changed his endorsement mid-speech, as if while talking about the candidates, the decision to go with Thompson just dawned upon him.

Isn't it said that your "better sense" usually triumphs in the end? Looks like Steve King is an example of this ;)

UPDATE: Upon reading other articles, it seems that this endorsement is actually ringing very true amongst Iowa conservatives, and is one that many in Iowa were waiting to hear. This should be another key boost the the Thompson campaign, which has been gaining serious momentum for the past week. I really expect that Thompson will snatch at least a solid 3rd in Iowa...and if the tide that has begun to turn against Huckabee and Romney continues, I think we may see Fred snatch 2nd or even 1st place. Who knows at this point.

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