Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fred on Face The Nation

Fred Thompson appeared on CBS's "Face The Nation" this morning, and turned in another impressive performance by promoting his consistent record and common sense politics.

Host Bob Schieffer try pin down Thompson with questions about immigration and opponents Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Thompson managed to denounce the two GOP opponents mentioned by bringing up their records, but did not get nasty with his statements.

When the topic of illegal immigration came up, Thompson explained why strong border security and tougher sanctions against the employment and entitlements given to illegals would actually lead to a war of attrition of sorts. By eliminating the opportunity to simply "hop" back and forth across the border, and by taking away the ability for illegals to gain employment or welfare, they would begin to leave on their own. In essence, this is a simple way of eliminating the problem of illegal aliens in our nation that are border-hopping, because rounding them up and shipping them out, as some have suggested, is not feasible nor is it practical. Once again, Thompson has a smart, common sense solution to a looming problem in our nation.

This would then leave us with the issue of handling those who simply have expired visas and the problems with have with the smuggling of people from China through our ports...which is a surprisingly quiet issue that I believe should be included in our talks about "border security", as our ports lie on the borders of our nation, too.

Anyway, I found this to be another excellent performance by Fred. You probably won't see much of him on the national airwaves until after Iowa, as he is planning to criss-cross the state, making at least 5 planned stops a day, and innumerable unplanned stops. You almost think that the standout performance at the Iowa debate and now non-stop holiday blitz in the Hawkeye State was part of some great plan to create momentum that wouldn't have time to fizzle out. Let's see if this holds true.

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