Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pro Bowl Announced, Sean Taylor Makes Team Posthumously

Taylor actually was the top vote-getter at free safety for the NFC, and had been the top vote-getter even before his death. Still, it is a tribute to both his hard work on the field and his untimely death.

Teams with the most Pro Bowlers - Dallas with 11, New England and San Diego with 8 each, Minnesota with 6 each, Seattle and Indianapolis with 5 each, Green Bay, Chicago, and Pittsburgh with 4 each

The Washington Redskins will send a total of 3 players to the Pro Bowl, the aforementioned Taylor, as well as LT Chris Samuels and TE Chris Cooley.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who have a 10-4 record after this past weekend, sent nobody to the Pro Bowl. This came as a surprise to some. However, one must keep in mind that Pro Bowl voting is done by the fans...which partially explains why the 12-2 Dallas Cowboys (with their large fanbase) are sending 11 players to the Pro Bowl, but the undefeated Patriots are only sending 8 and the 12-2 Green Bay Packers are only sending 4.

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