Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bloomberg Making Moves Towards Presidential Bid

I simply cannot get a handle on current NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Now it seems that he's making some moves towards a run as an independent candidate for President. These moves include...

- Interviewing and contacting various advertising companies.

- Contact with previous campaign aides and advisors about an '08 bid

- Contacting various political consultants about a possible presidential run.

I don't know who Bloomberg would appeal to, he was a lifelong Democrat who became a Republican in 2001 (just in time to run for Mayor), then declared himself an Independent in June of this year "in response" to the current political climate in our nation's capital.

However, he has the personal coffers to win, having noted that he would spend up to $1 Billion of his own money to self-finance his own campaign. Other speculation has him self-financing a campaign from the slot of a VP candidate.

Nonetheless, I don't think Bloomberg could win a presidential run. He would, however, pull in most of the Independents, which leaves the party-affiliated voters left. We may see a candidate win the presidency with only 37-38% of the vote if that happened.

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