Monday, December 17, 2007

Philly News Anchor Gets Road Raged

More strange news out of New York City today...

Alycia Lane, anchorwoman from KYW-TV in Philadelphia, was arrested in New York City yesterday after punching a female police officer in the face and calling her a "dyke bitch", among other things. She is charged with assaulting a police officer.

The police department's story: Lane and her boyfriend were stuck behind a slow-moving, unmarked police car when Lane's boyfriend got out of the car at a red light and asked why they were driving so slowly, when the cops replied that they were looking for a perp, he retorts "I don't care if you're a cop! Drive faster!" Immediately, the cops got out (there were 3 of them), and started questioning Lane's boyfriend. Lane got out and, as a reporter would do, started snapping pictures of the cops questioning her boyfriend...but did so by getting right in the questioning officer's face. The lone female officer approached Lane, told her she could take pictures but would have to step back, Lane then shouted at the cop and punched her straight in the face.

Lane's retort: She claims that she did not know the 3 were cops. Somehow, I don't believe that.

Lane is most famous for e-mailing sexy photos of herself in a bikini to NFL Network anchorman Rich Eisen, only to have Eisen's wife discover the photos. It has never been completely known why Lane e-mailed those photos...except for the intent of getting Eisen's attention.

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